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Baby Safe Laundry Detergent

Price : RM17.90 /pack of 1Kg
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The detergent of choice for baby wear and cloth diapers. Non-irritating and gentle for baby's sensitive skin.

* Dye & Fragrance Free
* Enzyme Free
* No Optical Brighteners
* Phosphate Free
* Anti-bacterial
* Gentle for Sensitive Skin
* Biodegradable
* Low Residue Formula
* Ultra-Concentrated
* Safe to use with all types of baby wear and cloth diapers.
* No animal by-products.

TIP: We also recommend the use of this mild and baby-safe Laundry Detergent to wash all your  Nursing Lingerie and Breast Pads. Due to direct contact between your baby and your body while breastfeeding, it is advisable to use mild detergent to wash your nursing lingerie. 
You may also use this to wash your Cloth Pads as it is mild and safe for you too.

CONTENT: 1 kg (estimated 33 full machine loads)

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