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Sling Ring - imported Nylon Ring

New stock for Nylon Rings just arrived. I will run a promo for this until end of Oct before reverting to original price. Those interested, do load order soon.

Colour Available - Purple, Red, Cream, Yellow, White, Black

Original Price = RM20/pair

* Sample Package  = RM90 (6pairs - each colour per pair)

To place order, please click this link






Red - sold
Sample Pack - RM90 (3 sets available)

Features of our imported Nylon Sling Ring.
- Light weight, strong and sturdy material
- Use it to make your own custom-made Baby Carrier (Ring Sling)
- Easy to care and clean (machine washable)

* Japanese Brand but made in China
* Tested to hold up to 200kg weight before Nylon Ring gets out of shape. Ring only breaks at over 500kg weight test. 
* Bleach test is done by soaking Nylon Ring for up to 12 hours. No changes in colour is noted after test.

Dimension of the nylon ring is 
  outer ring: 80 mm
  inner ring: 62 mm
  thickness: 9 mm


  1. ada lg x ring ni? email me tq

    1. Hi Sellynna,

      Stock ada tapi limited stock. Sila order online dari link ini!/~/category/id=1859433&offset=0&sort=nameAsc

      Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila baca

      thank you


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