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Infoband - Safety wristband

What happens if your child gets lost in the crowd?

Infoband™ is a children’s bracelet on which parents can write their mobile number and other important information (for example, allergies, ailments etc)  

The smart product helps children who wonders of or gets lost to reunite with their parents. The buckle makes it impossible for small children to remove as a two-hand grip is needed. 

The product is easy to use. The text becomes water resistant in a second when you write with a regular ball point-pen. Infoband™ can be used not only for children, but also for parents and grandparents.

By using Infoband™ you can be certain that your child always has your mobile number and other important information at all time. 

-PVC and latex-free plastic
-Patented safety catch, that can only be opened with the use of both hands
-You write on it yourself with an ordinary pen and it does not smudge
-Can be used again and again

Product Origin : Sweden

Retail Price: RM25/pc
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