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Minizone Adjustable X-carrier 2 (Latest Designs)

These 2 latest design from Minizone are out in 2010.

It has all the existing features as the earlier Minizone carriers but there are several improved features in these 2 designs:

A) New Design and Colour

- Design #11 (Sweet Flower Brown) has brown straps and lovely flowery design with a little bow at the front of the carrier.

- Design #12 (Basic Brown) is a plain colour carrier and its colour is similar to coffee brown. Most suitable for the daddy to use!

B) New Material
- Material is 100% cotton but this material is softer, smoother and lighter than the earlier Minizone designs. I am sure you will like the feel of it!

Stock Availability: AVAILABLE - New stock just arrived in Sept 2011
#11 - Sweet Flower Brown
#12 - Basic Brown

Market Price = RM 59

Our Store Price = RM 49


  1. salam..
    baby carrier ni sesuai utk maksimum brp berat?

  2. Hi Iza,

    Carrier ni boleh guna hingga baby 16kg atau 2 tahun lebih. :)

  3. hi evon..
    baby 2 bulan can be fitted in?

  4. Hi Aina,

    Yang ni recommended untuk baby 3bulan ke atas kerana carrier ni tak de "neck support". :)

  5. Available lg tak yg brown tu? - Lara(im using my husband s gmail)

    1. Hi,
      Sorry Basic Brown dah habis stock. Ready stock hanya tinggal 2 design saja. Sila rujuk link ini:

      Anda juga boleh order dari online store. Sila baca How to place order:

      Thank you


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