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Shield Backpack - Papa series (Designed for the guys)

Colour choice: White, Grey, Black - New batch is available NOW! 

Price:   RM 89.90
To order, please go to this link

- Large Compartments With Pockets Inside  
- Side wall Fully Padded and Insulated  
- Bright, Attractive and Stylish Hard-case For Added Protection  
- Bag Opens Up 45 Degree Angle For Easy Access  
- Special Stroller Strap Which Can Be Strap Onto Stroller  
- Comfortable and Adjustable Shoulder Straps. 
- Hand Carry Handle Included  
- Multi-purpose Mat Included  
- Excellent Bag For Diaper, Baby Accessories, Breast Pump, Travel, Sports, Biking, School, Laptops, Etc  
- Water Resistance & Light Weight  
- Size  :  35L x 20W x 45H cm  


  1. may i know how many pockets are there inside this backpack.

  2. Hi Mama Mirza,
    The inner compartment looks like this photo (below link).
    All our shield backpack inner compartment is the same, only the size differ according to different backpack.


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