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BambooLite Printed Bamboo Nursing Pad - SOLD OUT

Printed Bamboo Nursing Pads
This nursing breast pad is one of the latest product launched by BambooLite in Sept 2010. 


  •  Organic and eco-friendly.
  •  High absorbency.
  •  Leakproof.
  •  Breathable.
  •  Anti-slip.
  •  Healthy alternative to disposable nursing pads.
  •  Re-usable and eco-friendly
  •  Natural anti-bacterial factor
  •  7 lovely prints.
Limited Edition Prints: Dot and Orange
Price: RM18.00(One pair)

(Please click photo for larger view)

Prints: Red Leaves, Lamb, Wild, Chequered and Random
Price: RM17.00(One pair)

Measurement: 12cm(4.75") diameter

Printed Bamboo Nursing Pad is made up of 3 layers.

- Inner layer - Natural undyed bamboo velour(comfortable and absorbent)
- Middle layer - Natural undyed heavyweight bamboo fleece(very absorbent)
- Outer layer - Luxurious no pill, heavyweight fleece with lovely print(leakproof and anti-slip)


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