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BambooLite CM-Truefit - Fitted cloth diaper

Available in Fitted Premium (select choice of with or without Bamboo Booster)


* Bamboo is thermo regulating so will keep baby cool
* Bamboo has anti bacterial properties that repels odor and keep baby skin rash free
* Excellent wicking ability
* One size from birth to potty training
* Weight specification measurement is from 3Kg to 18Kg
* Inner and Outer layer is made of soft and luxurious bamboo velour.
* Easy to use velcro or snap button fasteners
* Thigh adjustable measurement (3" to 14") to provide snug fit
* Made from bamboo yarn that meets Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 requirement.
* It remains soft even after many washes.
* Very breathable to baby skin but not waterproof
* Use with or without extra cover as Fitted diaper will not leak but only become damn

CM-TrueFit Fitted
CM-TrueFit Fitted

(with bamboo booster)
  Outer layer

 Bamboo velour  Bamboo velour
  Inner layer

 Natural undyed bamboo velour  Natural undyed bamboo velour

 Foldover Insert  Foldover Insert (6-layer bamboo)

 Not Included  Bamboo booster (2-layer bamboo)

  6-9 absorbent layers
  10 absorbent layers

 Snap and velcro  Snap and velcro
  Color choice

 10 exciting colors  10 exciting colors
  Best for

 Heavy wetter. Everyday or night use.  Super heavy wetter.
 Nighttime and outings.

 RM72.00  RM80.00

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